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Popular Events 

We have heard screams of joy but also an occasional fit of tears from our customers. Sometimes the ticket demand for an event greatly exceeds the supply, so some people inevitably go without. Here, however, are a few tips that will at least make it easier to get tickets.

  1. Check from the event page when the tickets will come on sale
    • Usually this is at 9:00 am, but there are exceptions.
    • We also tell when tickets are coming on sale in news relating to the event in our newsletter, online news and social media channels.
    • If for some reason you cannot find the event on our pages, but you have read on the website of the artist/event that the event will be sold via Tiketti, you can send an enquiry to
  2. Set your alarm clock well before the time and be prepared to queue.
    • Tiketti online shop uses a virtual queuing system when the sale of popular events begins. You can go to the ticket page of the event before the sale starts. If the event is very popular, a virtual queue will be formed. By queuing, you can follow your progression in the queue and you will get to purchase tickets when it is your turn.
    • If you want to purchase the tickets at an outlet, choose one that is open when the sale begins. R-Kioski is only for collecting booked or pre-purchased tickets, there is no point in queuing there.
    • The phone service opens daily at 9 am, and there is no way to queue before that time. So call Tiketti Phone Service at exactly 9 am or depending on the time when tickets for the event go on sale.
  3. Be prepared when you purchase tickets.
    • In the case of popular events, we recommend that you think in advance what kind of and how many tickets you are looking to buy. This makes getting the tickets quicker in a congested situation at an outlet sales desk, phone service and online shop.
    • At the online shop, the tickets will be held for 10 minutes during ordering. If that time is exceeded, the tickets are automatically removed from the order and you will have to place your order again. If you paid for your order after the 10 minutes were up and the money was charged to your account, but you did not receive your tickets, contact Tiketti Customer Service immediately.
    • For some events, there is no possibility of making a booking, so you should have your banking credentials ready before the purchase stage.
    • Before queuing, you should log in/register to My Tiketti, so that the contact and personal details that you have provided are automatically added to you order.