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Culture Vouchers

Culture Vouchers 

Is your boss so nice that you get a cultural benefit? You are surely aware that you can use cultural benefit to purchase tickets to most events offered by Tiketti.

Tiketti accepts the following as payment:

  • KulttuuriPassi/ePassi (OmaRaha can be used on the Online shop) - Outlet, R-Kioski, Online shop
  • SmartumPay / Smartum Mobile payment - Outlet, R-Kioski, Online shop
  • Ticket Virike (Edenred) - Outlet, R-kioski, Online shop
  • Edenred card/Ticket Duo (Edenred) - Outlet, R-kioski, Online shop
  • Eazybreak - Outlet (except Kulttuuritalo Grand, S-market Näsi and Ideapark), R-kioski, Online shop
  • ePassi Mobile - Outlet
  • Edenred Mobile - Outlet

At Tiketti outlets, payment methods vary according to outlets. See the outlet-specific payment methods here .

  • See all events available with cultural benefits.
  • Please note that the acceptance of paper cultural vouchers has ended 31.12.2023. This change does not apply to outlets that have their own agreements on cultural payment methods.

Read more:

  • The benefit is personal, so you can only purchase one event ticket with your cultural benefit.
  • When a purchase is made with cultural vouchers, the personal details of the person using the voucher are requested. If you purchase tickets with vouchers that carry someone else’s name, you will need authorisation from that person.
  • No money is returned for cultural vouchers and they cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • You can check from the event page info icon, whether cultural benefit can be used for payment.
  • You will find all events available for payment with the cultural benefit from the event search by selecting ‘Culture voucher’.
  • According to tax authority guidelines, marketing events such as fairs and ticket types including food or consumer goods cannot be included in the realm of cultural voucher payments.
  • When paying with a cultural benefit, the payment commission (Edenred +2,8 %, Epassi +1,9 %, Smartum +4,6 %)
  • Exercise vouchers are not accepted as payment for Tiketti events.