Paraati / Tampere Jazz HappeningParaati / Tampere Jazz Happening
0600-1-1616 Call Center Mon–Sat 9–19 (1,78 € / min. + lnc)
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Info / Buying tickets


Booking Tickets 

Tickets for a popular event are on sale, and of course my banking credentials are nowhere to be found. You promised to get tickets for the whole group but, true to her nature, Tiina is unable to make a decision right away. Three words – make a booking.

  • A ticket booking will hold the tickets for 4 or 2 weekdays depending on the event. The event organiser decides on the length of the booking period.
  • Booking tickets is not possible for all events or ticket booking is limited to phone service only. In such cases, the information is provided on the event sales page.
  • For most events, you can book a maximum of 10 tickets at a time online.
  • In the case of a popular event, stricter restrictions may apply and it will be notified on the event sales page.
  • If there are no specified restrictions for an event, when necessary you can place larger group orders by phone.
  • The phone service +358 600 1 1616 (€1.78/min + local network charge, Mon-Sat 9am – 7pm, Sun 1pm - 7pm) can process the booking if the event is not already booked up.