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Terms of Delivery

Terms of Delivery 


Apparently no one reads any of those terms of use or delivery. But hey, it only takes a minute or so, and clears up many things.

Please read these delivery terms carefully before accepting your reservation. The valid delivery costs for the tickets are listed here , and you can read details of the applicaple methods of payment and delivery here . If you order products other than tickets to events (such as T-shirts or books), please see the separate terms of delivery for such products.


Terms of delivery for ticket sales

Carefully verify the details of your reservations and tickets. Tickets cannot be changed/returned or refunds issued after purchase (this also applies to credit-based payment options).

In addition to the price of the ticket, Tiketti charges the customer the applicable delivery and booking fee.

Tiketti shall not provide a replacement or reimbursement for any tickets that have been misplaced, stolen, or destroyed.

Tiketti acts only as the party providing tickets for an event. The event organiser is responsible for the event and any changes to the programme and schedules, including cancellation, along with the obligations stipulated in the Value Added Tax Act. Tiketti is not liable, even in part, for any cancellation of an event or changes to its programme and schedule or for any costs and damages arising from these, such as refunding the price of the tickets to the customer. However, Tiketti shall return the price of tickets for a cancelled event, less the delivery and handling charges, to the customer if Tiketti has not yet remitted this amount to the event organiser.

The customer is obliged to verify that the event has not been cancelled and to check any other details and changes related to the event (such as show time, age limits and business hours) by consulting the Tiketti Web site. If an event is rescheduled or cancelled, or if the programme or schedule changes, no delivery and booking fees paid to Tiketti shall be refunded. Tiketti shall report any event cancellations and programme/schedule changes, via e-mail, to those customers who have submitted their e-mail address when purchasing tickets.

If tickets for special groups (such as pensioner, student or similar discount tickets) are available for the event, the ticket-holder must be prepared to show a certificate of entitlement to the discount at the entrance to the event.

Orders shall be valid only until the date specified. Times for reservations vary with the event in question. Check your reservation time when you place your order. If the order is not redeemed or the invoice paid by the due date stated, the reservation shall lapse and the tickets ordered shall be automatically placed back on sale. A reservation may be picked up, in its entirety, from an R-kioski outlet. Any changes to reservations must be made via the telephone service.

Resale of tickets that one has purchased is prohibited except where Tiketti has granted permission for this.

If the event is subject to a limitation on purchase numbers, Tiketti shall have the right to cancel the sale and invalidate any tickets in excess of the limit that are part of the order.

Tickets paid for in advance shall be delivered only to the client in person at the agency. The identity of a person redeeming tickets already paid for shall be verified. You can authorise another person to redeem tickets, via e-mail to [email protected]. Any tickets paid for in advance may be picked up from the agency on the date of the event, provided that the agency is open for business.

By purchasing a ticket from Tiketti, the customer adheres to act in an equal manner without discriminating anyone, at the event the said ticket admits them to attend. The customer adheres to act equally and with respect to others, and by following the Event Organiser’s instructions at the event.

Terms of delivery for other products

Tiketti sells and delivers products besides tickets. These products can be purchased from the Tiketti Web shop.

The prices of the products include value added tax but no delivery charges. We reserve the right to make changes to the prices from those listed.

Products can also be ordered for home delivery by post. As of the time these terms of delivery enter into effect, the charge for ordering a product for delivery within Finland is €10/order, to other countries in the European Union (EU) €15/order, and to countries outside the EU €25/order. The estimated time of delivery for products is no more than 10 weekdays; however, Tiketti shall not be liable for any delays or damage caused by the postal service. If you do not receive your order within this time, contact us at [email protected] or call the customer help line at +358 (0)10 843 1611.

Under the Consumer Protection Act, products purchased from the Web shop (this does NOT apply to tickets) may be returned within 14 days. The customer is in charge of the fees of the return. The product returned must be unused and appropriately packaged for transport. Whenever returning a product or filing a complaint about a defect in a product, the customer is liable for showing proof of purchase: a receipt or another certificate indicating the place and time of purchase. If you wish to return a product, contact us at [email protected] or call the customer help line, +358 (0)10 843 1611.

Products purchased directly from an agency are NOT covered by the right of return or exchange.

Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These terms of delivery and the interpretation thereof shall be governed by the laws of Finland, excluding the rules on conflict of laws.

Any disagreements arising from these terms of delivery and the contractual relationship shall be settled primarily through negotiation. If agreement cannot be reached via such negotiations, the dispute shall be settled by Helsinki District Court as the court of first instance. A user who is a natural person has the right, under Chapter 12, Section 1 d of the Consumer Protection Act (38/178) and Chapter 10, Section 5 of the Code of Judicial Procedure (4/1734), to initiate legal action with the public lower court with jurisdiction for the place of his or her domicile or habitual residence.  A user who is a natural person also has the right to refer any disagreement for settlement by the Consumer Disputes Board.


These terms of delivery shall enter into effect on 30.6.2022 and remain in force until further notice. The customer accepts these terms when purchasing tickets from the service.