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20.3.2019 12:00

There is still time to see Kinahmi exhibition by Sami Makkonen

Comic Artist Sami Makkonen’s exhibition Kinahmi will open until next Monday. Makkonen released the first part of an offset graphic novel adaption of Kalevala published by Otava. The exhibition has Makkonen’s marker pen drawn graphic novel art originals next to ready, digitally painted pages as well as paintings made with mixed technique.

Tiketti Galleria
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, Helsinki
Mon-Fri from 11am to 6pm


The exhibition name Kinahmi means a vortex, an abyss, which is the route to the Underworld. Kinahmi is the in-between of two worlds. This thought is where Makkonen’s artistry intertwines too, along with the movement between graphic novels and painting as well as the American and Finnish comic field. The exhibition itself will be divided in two spaces between the vortex-like paintings and graphic novel originals.

The paintings featured in the front space were completed during 2018 when Makkonen was just finishing the Kalevala graphic novel. Makkonen has an intuitive and abstract way of painting and his works are at the same time outlining the mindscape and elements of his next graphic novel project. The paintings are born without a plan, one stroke at a time. In this way an expressiveness, spontaneity and freshness remain in the works. Even sculpt-like layers are coming up in the paintings.

The Kalevala graphic novel adaptation is Makkonen’s master piece. When drawing a graphic novel Makkonen does not sketch traditional comic frames but draws everything directly with a marker pen. The horror and fantasy mixing graphic novel is also the first book being published in Finnish by Makkonen who has so far gained fame mainly in the United States. Väinämöinen, Joukahainen, Lemminkäinen and other mythical characters will become alive in the austerely illustrated album and take the Kalevala-imagery of our national mindscape to the next level.  

Sami Makkonen graduated as a Visual Artist from Tarto University in 2003. He has drawn graphic novels professionally to American publishing houses since 2008. His most renowned works are the graphic novel series of Hatter M. (parts 2-5) and Deadworld. In addition to these Makkonen has illustrated e.g. an interactive comic project that was published along with the launch of Ryse-computer game by Microsoft. He has also illustrated album covers for Finnish Artists. Makkonen won the domestic Sarjis-competition in 2007 with his series called Salvation and forgiveness (Pelastus ja anteeksianto). The graphic novels Makkonen has illustrated in the United States have won multiple awards.

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