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Fri 1. - Sun 3.7.2022  /  Suvilahti  /  Helsinki

Tuska Festival 2022

Tuska Festival 2022 Tickets



Tuska 2022 line-up is now ready as the Tuska KVLT Stage artists are out. The 4th stage is indeed crowned as Tuska KVLT Stage and it will be conquered by 19 top bands of which seven have ensured their show at the festival through activities in the Tuska KVLT community. This year’s Tuska KVLT bands are Abstrakt, The Rivet, Amoth, Astralion, Denominate, Rebellix and Edge Of Haze.

Also Marianas Rest, Humavoid, Detset, Polymoon, One Morning Left, Verikalpa, Enphin, Shereign, King Satan, Cryptic Hatred, The Mist From The Mountains and Atlas will hit the fourth stage.

Do you remember that Tuska KVLT recruitment is now on? Come create Tuska with us.

Tuska KVLT band search 2023 now open.
Gutted that your band isn't playing at Tuska KVLT Stage this year? For next year this unjustice can still be fixed as Tuska KVLT Band Search 2023 is now open. Join the Tuska KVLT activities from here.

Show days of Tuska 2022 Artists:

Fri 1.7.2022
Korn, Carcass, Beast In Black, Lost Society, Eluveitie, Heilung, Mokoma, Perturbator, Northern Kings, The Night Flight Orchestra, Red Fang, Omnium Gatherum, Elder, 1914, Polymoon, Detset, Shereign, Marianas Rest, The Rivet, Abstrakt, Verikalpa

Sat 2.7.2022
Mercyful Fate, Amorphis, Stam1na, Jinjer, Insomnium, Baroness, Blind Channel, Vltimas, Oranssi Pazuzu, Shape Of Despair, Soilwork, The Birthday Massacre, Wheel, Joe Lynn Turner, Bloodred Hourglass, Enphin, The Mist From The Mountains, One Morning Left, King Satan, Denominate, Astralion, Amoth

Sun 3.7.2022
Deftones, Kreator, Devin Townsend, Symphony X, High On Fire, The Dark Element, Lähiöbotox, Stratovarius, Gloryhammer, Atlas, Humavoid, Edge Of Haze, Rebellix, Cryptic Hatred

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Remember that purchased tickets for Tuska 2020 and 2021 can be carried over to 2022. Return of the tickets has ended on August 31st, 2021.

Age limit for Tuska is 18+.

Additional information:
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Age limit: K-18

All tickets will be exchanged to wristbands, which allow you to leave and re-enter the festival area during the festival day.

Max 6 tickets per customer.

VIP AREA 51 includes:
- VIP Pass, lanyard and wristband
- Access to the renovated and lush VIP Area 51 within the festival area
- VIP Area 51 services: Restaurant with A-license, separate sanitary facilities
- Meals in the VIP area, one meal per passport day. Due to the current situation, more detailed dining arrangements will be announced later.