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Official tickets to concerts, festivals, sports events, theater and live stream events from Tiketti webstore.
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For event organizers / Ticket Types

Ticket Types

Ticket Types 

We love modern times.

The electronic ticket is ecological and handy in more ways than one. But we also serve those who love tickets as objects and want to hang it on their fridge door. We also love nature, so our paper tickets are ecological FSC certified thermal paper.

What counts is that our customer feels that getting a ticket is easy and effortless.

Kivra ticket

  • Can be send to customer's Kivra Account
  • Printed or displayed from Kivra Account by the customer
  • The appearance can be customised to match your event

PDF ticket

  • Our most popular ticket type is delivered by e-mail
  • Printed or displayed on a smart phone screen by the customer
  • Also stored in My Tiketti for registered customers
  • The appearance can be customised to match your event

Mobile ticket

  • Can be sent to a mobile phone with an internet connection
  • The SMS contains a link to the ticket
  • The SMS also includes the control number that can be used to verify the authenticity of the ticket

Paper ticket

  • Orange at the outlets - lilac, grey and green available for the organiser’s own use
  • Unique barcode, foil and UV printing
  • The delivery terms on the back of the ticket in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian
  • Ecological FSC certified thermal paper
  • Placing the bar code on pale background speeds up reading
  • Due to a request made by event organisers, we have adopted a double tear-off control section that can be used, for example, in VIP tickets as drink/food tickets and for using an exceptionally large barcode. It is also handy for multi-day events or as an advertisement spot.

R-Kioski tickets

  • Pre-booked and -purchased tickets can be collected from any R-Kioski
  • A yellow ticket with a unique bar code