Paraati / Hellsinki Metal Festival takeoverParaati / Hellsinki Metal Festival takeover
0600-1-1616 Call Center Mon–Sat 9–21, Sun 11-19 (1,78 € / min. + lnc)
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For event organizers / Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales 

The event begins at Tiketti.

We not only provide tickets, we care about your event. It is in both our interests that tickets get sold. We are with you from the word ‘go’, playing a large or small role depending on what you want, and it is our pleasure to do so. Selling tickets is easy at Tiketti, and we make it happen every single day. When you come to us, we’ll look after you.Our sales system is our own. We are developing it continuously according to the event organisers’ wishes and are happy to entertain even the wildest of ideas. We offer only unique solutions, not packaged ones.

  • Speed
    Your event will be available no later than within two weekdays. During workdays we answer all received e-mail.
  • Event entry
    The coming Tiketti event entry will enable the modification of event information by the organiser directly in our sales system.
  • Product packages
    Tickets are easy to wrap into packages with other products varying from albums to hotel rooms.
  • Sales monitoring
    You can monitor the development of ticket sales in real time. The report shows the sales rate on a monthly, weekly and daily level. You will receive valuable information, for example, on the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • VIP tickets
    You can also order tickets with running numbering and in different colours for your own use to be used as VIP, prize or door tickets.
  • Tailoring
    The sales system is our own so it can be tailored to suit your needs. Just contact us, as have others.
  • Accounting
    Tiketti charges a commission for the sold tickets that depends on the ticket price. The commission is included in the ticket price according to the instructions of the Consumer Authority. Accounting takes place within two weekdays from the event, and the accounting reports will be sent via e-mail or directly to your reporting tool. Our finances team provides quick answers to e-mails and agile solutions to different situations.