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15.8.2019 12:45

Erja Hirvi's Wild Clouds exhibition at Tiketti Galleria

Distinguished Print Designer Erja Hirvi works mainly with interiors and fashion, and designs prints for many of the top Finnish design names. She often gets inspired by surrounding things and the shapes of nature, combined with wild imagination.

In the works of Wild Clouds exhibition at Tiketti Galleria the repetitive nature of textile prints will focus the tension instead. It is like a record being put on the record player for the first time, which will start emitting sounds. The mental images will transform via a sketching notebook into shapes when associations and awkward transitions direct the journey from the brain into a pen and further onto a ready piece of art.

Hirvi’s intuitive eye for colour is strong, the thought is clear and the line expressive, construing each prevailing emotion. Both paint as well as chainsaw will work as tools into these shape studies. The figures will intertwine into themselves, spreading and continuing like a circling staircase, endless hands, wild clouds or garlic stems.

Hirvi herself will comment on her creative process like this: "I usually paint images based on my thoughts and associations, which I cannot necessarily explain. I don’t always know why I paint what I paint – and I often cannot explain the end result either. I am gladly working with uncertainty; it is like an unknown territory, which has so much more opportunity."


Tiketti Galleria
Urho Kekkosen katu 4–6, Helsinki
Mon–Fri 11–18
Helsinki Design Week 5.-15.9.2019

Erja Hirvi (b. 1968) has graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto University. She has worked in design and fashion on commission for Marimekko, Samuji and Kalevala Jewellery amongst others. Hirvi’s works have been seen in exhibitions at Kiasma (2014), Taidehalli (2012), Japan and Paris, as well as numerous international publications. With the name DJ Erja Hirvi she has been seen behind decks at the legendary Lepakko club in Helsinki, at Estonian skateboard parties and at Helsinki Art Museum (HAM).

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