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28.3.2019 11:00

Stupido 30 – All The Stupido Things We Do at Tiketti Galleria

Tiketti Galleria's new exhibition called "Stupido 30 – All The Stupido Things We Do" is a part of Stupido’s 30th Anniversary program. The exhibition features art from Stupido’s recording Musicians and Artists. There will be Aleksi Tolonen’s paintings and collage works as well as Maria "Mara Balls" Mattila’s works made with mixed technique. The exhibition will also feature photographs from the proto-Stupido-times taken by the other founder of Stupido, Joose Berglund, as well as diverse artefacts from the early days of Stupido.

The front of the Galleria will show Aleksi Tolonen’s paintings and collage works from the past five years. Since graduating from the University of Arts, Tolonen has produced distinctly different art projects as a free Artist. In his latest works he has used recycled materials such as old video tapes, reclaimed finds from skips and imagery from old books. Tolonen’s art starts to build up both based in the materials he’s collected, as well as the content themes, which can relate to things in his personal life, like becoming a father, or stimulants from the outer world like referring to American popular culture.

Maria ”Mara Balls” Mattila’s works are made with mixed technique using photography and paintwork. Her works feature tattered, flickering and chaotic self-portraits that are not losing their humorous and colourful touch. Mattila’s works express somewhat rebellious DIY attitude, and she works with materials that she happens to have on-hand. Mattila’s exhibitions have featured trash installations too. The things that Artist Mara Balls do, include strong self-ironic play on the different gender roles as well as citizen activism, and performance is present both on stage and in art.

The backroom of the exhibition will enlighten Stupido’s history through Joose Berglund’s photos as well as artefacts from the company’s early days. On display will also be a Miska-bear collection that has been accumulated over the years. At the very back of the room will play video material from the Stupido years as well as a ‘’Jytää!’’ documentary directed by Tuuli Sirkeinen. This particular documentary following ‘’Jukka & Jytämimmit’’ group during their tour grew to become Maria "Mara Balls" Mattila’s portrait and growth-story.

Aleksi Tolonen, Mara Balls & Joose Berglund
Tiketti Galleria
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, Helsinki
Mon-Fri 11–18

Aleksi Tolonen (b. 1974) is a Visual Artist graduated from the University of Arts Graphics department in 2005 as well as the Base Player of the Giant Robot collective.
Maria Mattila (b. 1983) is the leader of Mara Balls, a solo artist, a guitarist and a Multifield Artist as well as the soul of the Yellow House and Romu & Random collectives.
Joose Berglund (b. 1965) is the other Founder of Stupido, a Managing Director, a Dog walker and a Collector of various bits and pieces.

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