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To 16.5.2024  /  Lepakkomies  /  Helsinki

Sonic Rites Festival: The Opening Club 2024

Sonic Rites Festival: The Opening Club 2024 Liput

Sonic Rites Festival: The Opening Club 2024


Hailing from Brighton, UK, Chalk Hands are loud, blissful and complex sadness emerging in the hands' most skilled musical craftsmanship that you can possibly gnaw at with your hearing. Their latest work ”Don’t Think About Death”, leaves you trembling in awe of its beautiful emotional mixture of math rock, indie and screamo.


Night Lives released their 'Until There Is Light' album after ten years of waiting, and the wait was definitely worth it. The band is even more charged, aggressive and crushing than before with their neo-crust / post-metal inferno that is leading us through evident deformed shadows of mankind, which are also truly worth witnessing live.


Kärlekslösa have only put out their first DIY-demo last year, but have managed to gather quite some hype in the Finnish underground. While bowing towards their influences in American emo revival and modern Scandinavian skramz, kärlekslösa adds elements of shoegaze and black metal to reflect their most shattering heartaches through their fierce sounding echoes.



Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: Ovet klo 20:00

Liput ovelta 19 €, jos jäljellä.

Myynti loppuu 16.5.2024 20:00.