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To 3.8.2023  /  Olympia  /  Tampere

Possessed (USA)

Possessed (USA) Liput

There was a time in which genuine power was felt erupting from the sonic landscape that is now referred to as “old school” death metal. As with most newly developed forms of art, at its genesis it was filled with a fresh and vibrant energy and was virtually unsaturated by musicians. It was the mighty Possessed who initially breathed life into this new and exciting genre. With writing that started in 1982, the first official death metal band created the now classic record »Seven Churches« and established the face of the genre permanently.

This summer, Possessed is getting back on the road for an impressive summer tour consisting of selected EU/UK club shows and the biggest European festivals. Crawling out of a pale inferno of creation, life, loss, and injury, the ensemble has returned to reignite the flame of true Death Metal!

Ovet 19:00
Showtime 21:00


Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: Ovet klo 19:00

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