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Tiketti Galleria


Tiketti Galleria’s year 2020 will get started by three Artists’ group exhibition Battle Royale With Cheese. The exhibition will bite into classic symbols from tattoo imagery, contrasts of popular culture, battles of the soul, everyday life crises and the ponderings within an individual’s head. Artists Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Joel Slotte and Ville-Veikko Viikilä will each approach the sublime, mythical and ordinary from their own perspective, using painting, weaving, collages and ceramics. 

The name of the exhibition points to both the classic tattoo topic as well as the famous burger discussion from Quentin Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction. Battle Royale imagery usually portraits animals such as snake, eagle or tiger, entwined in an eternal battle, symbolising themes of heaven and earth.

Battle Royale With Cheese is gentle contradiction, stinging on the skin and the chest of the broken hearted, the mythical creatures of our time from Mickey Mouse to lonely wolf, bigger than life karaoke ballads, remorse of the next morning, immortal King of Rock with peanut butter stuck to the corner of his mouth and a gym membership left unused at the temple of the body. Carpe fucking diem. Each of the Artist will bring their own filling between these epic buns.

Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen’s (b. 1976) works are always strongly presenting symbols, be it on textiles, ceramics, glass or a painting. She draws inspiration from e.g. classical Asian tattoos. Cats, snakes, bats and octopuses represent superpowers, mysticism, protection and adventures to Korolainen. Elvis is the greatest hero of all, whose character crystallises the dream of immortality. The glass works are co-produced with glass blower Joonas Laakso. Korolainen has graduated as Bachelor of Art from Aalto University and is currently working on her Doctorate studies. She has been part of many private- and group exhibitions in Finland and elsewhere, such as New York and Milan. Her works are included in State Art Commission, Design Museum and Art Hall collections.

Joel Slotte (b. 1987) is interested in the ordinary and mundane, in which fictional associations that progress in a dream logic create magical dimensions. His style that mixes portrait- and self-portrait boundaries, black metal logos and plant imagery as well as everyday life and restless fantasy, is in its apparent apathy both powerful and intriguing. Slotte has compared his work on the exhibition paintings to a snake that swallows its meal as a whole and stays put to digest it for a long time until moving onto the next. Slotte has graduated as Master of Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts. He has been part of many private- and group exhibitions, among other things the Copenhagen CHART Art Fair Emerging- series in 2019. His works are part of Kiasma, HAM and Pro Artibus Foundation collections.

Ville-Veikko Viikilä’s (b. 1980) expression comprises of candy colours, contrasts, snakes heading to a club, interlacing space and light, as well as shattered fragments that become layered entireties. His paintings and collages are inspired by the world of opposing pairs, grim themes, everyday pop-trash, opposing cultures and life imitating itself. Viikilä has graduated as a Visual Artist from the Lahti Art Institute. Amongst others, his works are included in the Finnish Art Association collection. In ‘’Uhu Shape’’ and ‘’Dull Life’’ bands Viikilä is liable for e.g. singing, playing the base, drum machine and guitar.

Tiketti Galleria opened its doors in 2015 and aims to bring a touch of club-like atmosphere into the field of contemporary art and in return curates art one step closer to the friends of good music. This unique art space that is situated on Urho Kekkosen katu in Helsinki exhibits artists’ works in which visual art, music and f.e. urban subcultures mix harmoniously. For each exhibition we also create a playlist with the artist to complete the experience. You can also collect your Tiketti tickets from us.

Upcoming exhibitions:
• Niina Mantsinen 28.2.–27.4.2020






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