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Tiketti Galleria


MÄSÄ UNIVERSE -exhibition mixing urban street culture and Finnish folklore by Juhani Nyrhinen opens at Tiketti Galleria on Thursday, 14th July. Nyrhinen’s instruments are on display and available for playing until mid-September.

Instrumentmaker Juhana Nyrhinen has been making folklore instruments for 17 years. MÄSÄ UNIVERSE is his expedition towards sound and a detachment from conventional instrument perception. When a kantele is carved out of a skateboard and visual arts are combined with an instrument, many different cultural heritages are crossbred. The underlying idea that bubbles beneath is why are we playing and what are all the sounds that can be perceived as music.

MÄSÄ is an abbreviation of words Metsän Ääni Sähkö (Forest Sound Electricity). Metsän Ääni is Juhana Nyrhinen’s acoustic folk instrument series, of which’s electric version is MÄSÄ. The instruments bring a new freshness into the world of conventional instrument making, creating a concept of urban skating and the smoke cottage Väinämöinen (main figure of the Finnish folklore epic Kalevala) – skateboards and kantele. With his modern folk instruments Nyrhinen wants to test the borders of different cultures. He sees the conflicts between different cultures fascinating and by bringing them together, they are taken forward.

In addition to the skateboard kanteles, -guitars and -bowed lyre jouhikkos, Nyrhinen will bring collectively playable table and drum box to the Tiketti Galleria exhibition. All these instruments are meant to be played so the exhibition at Tiketti Galleria can be experienced by sampling the instruments and audience can test how to play skateboard kantele.

Juhana Nyrhinen (b. 1977) is an Instrumentmaker and –teacher, Musician and Producer who is specialized in Finno-Ugrian folk instruments and who has a skateboarding background. MÄSÄ UNIVERSE at Tiketti Galleria is Nyrhinen’s first instrument exhibition in Helsinki.

Execute the hollow mind
Bring your oath to the reaper
Plunge to the new universe
The babel of sound

Tiketti Galleria opened its doors in 2015 and aims to bring a touch of club-like atmosphere into the field of art and in return curates art one step closer to the friends of good music. This experimental art space that is situated on Urho Kekkosen katu in Helsinki, exhibits artists’ works in which music and art live side by side and mix harmoniously.



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