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Tiketti Galleria


A new exhibition combining music, photography, visual arts and journalism called “No Reason No Because – Suomiräpin suuret sanojat” is opening on the 13th of January. Featured in some of the art work are e.g. paperi T (Jani Tolin), Asa (Jyrki Liekki), Laineen Kasperi (Hanna Hyy), Töölön Ketterän MC Matti 8 (Antti Eskelinen).

Name borrowed from Allen Ginsberg’s poetry and curated by Hanna Räty, this exhibition brings all the stars of Finnish underground rap to Tiketti Galleria. All of the ten three-level portraits of the top Finnish rappers published in the second issue of Nälkä.fi-magazine will be on display. The profiles written by Räty were illustrated with portraits taken by Kaisa Sojakka.

The portraits are executed by Jyrki Riekki, Hanna Hyy, Sakari Vinko, Jyrki Nissinen, Nikolo Kemirov, Antti Eskelinen, Amansa Kanervo, Päivi Saarikoska and Ville Pirinen. The very different techniques and styles of the artists create an interesting and influential ensemble.

In the exhibition graffiti artist Jani Tolin’s portrait of Paperi T will be completing the Suuret sanat- portrait collection.

in co-operation with Radio Helsinki

Tiketti Galleria opened its doors in 2015 and aims to bring a touch of club-like atmosphere into the field of art and in return curates art one step closer to the friends of good music. This experimental art space that is situated on Urho Kekkosen katu in Helsinki, exhibits artists’ works in which music and art live side by side and mix harmoniously.



OPEN: MON–FRI 11–19 • SAT 12-18
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, Helsinki •