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21.11.2017 12:16

Kreator, Europe, At The Gates, Santa Cruz, Tribulation and Galactic Empire added to Tuska's line-up

Starting its third decade, Tuska festival celebrates by announcing more Artists to the 2018 line up!

More than three decades of thrash metal is serious thing. And Kreator has always been strictly business. Mille Petrozza and his horde have been blasting shit to bits since day one and never missed a beat. Their most recent work "Gods Of Violence" shows that they are tighter and more ruthless than ever.

Europe is living a new spring. Although the band has scored some of the biggest hits and most legendary rock anthems of all time, their current "Walk The Earth" album is more soulful than ever.

The founding fathers of melodic death metal, Sweden’s At The Gates will be back with a new album in 2018 which brings them to Tuska as well. Lucky us.

If there’s a young band out there who fill the rock star criteria, it’s Santa Cruz from Helsinki Finland. Besides looking like they just came from Whisky A Go Go in the eighties, they also have the songs to back it up. Their brand new "Bad Blood Rising" album is filled with killer melodies and riffs that’ll stick with you forever. Santa Cruz pay homage where it’s due and spice it up with fresh energy and modern touch.

Sweden’s superb metal engine Tribulation are making their Tuska debut next summer. The band got started in 2004 with death metal but have since taken a turn towards rock’n roll and atmospheric elements, being clearly drawn to the darker side.

As one can determine by their name, Galactic Empire draws its inspiration from Star Wars. Actually, talking about inspiration would be a serious understatement. We’re talking full-on dedication here. The band performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star Wars films written by John Williams. Dressed as the charachters from the movies, no less.

Horror, fantasy and cult film festival Night Visions and Tuska festival begin cooperation. So in addtition to the usual panel discussions, Solmusali Fourth Stage will now serve as an altar of horrors.

Fri 29.6.2018 - Sun 1.7.2018 Helsinki, Suvilahti
3 days Early Crow* from 119 €, all ages

* Early Crow tickets are on sale until new year or until sold out. The number of tickets is limited, so act fast!
Other ticket categories, VIP-tickets and prices will be announced later.

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Kreator, Europe, At The Gates, Santa Cruz, Tribulation and Galactic Empire added to Tuska's line-up ›

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