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Tiketti Galleria


Puurunen is a Finnish artist and musician, who has been an active member of the culture arena in Finland also with his band Cleaning Women ever since 1996. The band composes and produces experimental melodic rhythm music with their unique DIY-instruments. As well as their distinctive instruments, Cleaning Women have become known also for their strongly visualised and energetic gigs.

The exhibition ”Shadows in the air VIII’’ that opens at Tiketti Galleria will include kinetic sculpted pieces that are lit up using a 3D-shadow technique Puurunen has developed. The shadows created by this technique will float in the emptiness. The installations that are formed will show dystopic reflections of the land where we live, covered by shadows. The materials used for the pieces have been formed mainly from recycled goods, such as parts from old projectors, finds from flea markets and even just plastic rubbish and pieces of iron wire.

The exhibition is continuum for earlier series of artwork by Puurunen, which have been previously seen at Mänttä Art Fair, Retretti Summer Exhibitions as well as at Galleria Oksasenkatu 11. All works of art are for sale at the Galleria and at the Tiketti Galleria online-store from 10.2.2017


Risto Puurunen - Shadows in the air VIII, 3.2.-4.4.2017

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