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28.11.2011 12:06

The Cardigans and Nightwish star in Ruisrock Festival 2012 - three day Christmas tickets are now in sale

Held between the 6th and 8th of July in Turku, Ruissalo, Ruisrock Festival bring on stage two Scandinavian success stories; The Cardigans and Nightwish, who started  their careers in the 1990’s are both performing for their fans first time in 2012 after long absence. Ruisrock three day Christmas tickets are now in sale with last summer’s ticket price until the end of December.

The Swedish pop rock group The Cardigans’ previous concerts were seen in 2006 after which the band has been taking a break from album releasing as well. Ruisrock promises to offer a unique comeback concert: the band is playing their whole album “Gran Turismo”, a success record from 1998, that has sold over 2,5 million copies worldwide. Known for the hits “Erase/Rewind” and “My Favourite Game” among others, the masterpiece is an important chapter in the story of The Cardigans. The fourth album introduced band’s new, darker and more electronic sound. To grand popularity the band had risen already in 1996 with their third album and its hit “Lovefool” that ended up on the movie soundtrack of director Baz Luhrman’s “Romeo + Juliet”. The only Finnish gig of the “Gran Turismo” tour will be seen at Ruisrock. The replacement for the guitarist Peter Svensson, who had to pass the tour for family reasons, will be informed later at a later time.

The grand name in Finnish metal, Nightwish, performed on home land last time in 2009 and now the band has confirmed their first festival performance for the next summer. The reason for group’s long lasted silence has been in one of this year’s most awaited album releases, “Imaginaerum”, that will be out this Wednesday, the 11th of November. The previews of the new album have been praising and the album’s first single “Storytime” has already become a radio hit. For fan’s delight the new album will be followed by a 2012 premiering “Imaginaerum” movie, directed by Stobe Harju. Nightwish is one of most internationally successful Finnish bands. Their worldwide record sale is almost seven million copies and gold and platinum album certifications from different countries have already cumulated to 75.

Ruisrock continues protecting the Finnish Archipelago Sea with its Christmas ticket

In summer 2011 the festival began its co-operation with the Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea and it was possible to support the important protection work for stopping the eutrophication of the Finnish Archipelago Sea with buying a support ticket.  The total sum of gathered donations became 3 651 Euros and it will be used in concrete projects to efficiently minimize the strain on the Archipelago Sea. Because the Ruisrock attendants were eager to help and evidently concerned with the condition of the Archipelago Sea, this year the support tickets will become available already with the Christmas edition.

The action of the Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea focuses on cutting back the nutrition load. With concrete activities, informative work on water protection, by influencing decision making and by following and utilizing research findings the Fund aims to change the development of Archipelago Sea’s condition to clearer waters.

More artists for Ruisrock will be announced during the winter.

Ruisrock 2012
6.-.8.7.2012 Turku, Ruissalo
The three day Festival Christmas tickets from 111,50 €, Archipelago Sea tickets from 114,50 €, no age limit
The tickets are available until the 31st of December.
From every Archipelago Sea ticket goes three Euros to the Protection Fund.

Our service and delivery fees will be added to the ticket price. Get acquinted with Tiketti's service fees here.

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