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12.7.2012 13:59

Faces Etnofestival will be held this summer for the fifteent time

The multicultural etno music festival Faces Etnofestival, will be held from the 27th to the 29th of August at Gumnäs recreational area in Raasepori this year for the fifteenth time. The festival has added new names to the confirmed artist set: Mad Sheer Khan who combines his afro roots with electronic music has been confirmed as Saturday’s main act and the Finnish Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha closes the night on Friday.
Faces also offers different program and varying forms of art like theatre, dance, poetry, interesting workshops and bazars. The festival also offers children’s own Small Faces. Faces 2012 carries the theme of “the new spring” which can be felt in the new location of the main stage by the beach and in the new panorama restaurant built on a hill. 

The confirmed artists: Maria Kalaniemi, Silas Giron (BRA), Mad Sheer Khan (FRA), Pelle Miljoona, MajaS (RUS), Propan (NOR), Obi Phrase (SLE), Mikeo D'Don (SLE), Endorfin (FRA-IRL-FIN), St. Rasta, Transkaakko, Jeavestone, Hohka, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä raha, Lossi T & Juoksut, Robin de Wan, Hermanni Turkki, Arma's ja Tuli, Shenmen, Emilia Sisko, Axel & Josefine, Chick´n Dick & the Greyhounds, + Faces club: Selecta Miikka Mwamba

Fri 27.07.2012 - Sun 29.07.2012, Gumnäs recreational area, Raasepori, no age limit
Tickets from Fri 26,50€ / Sat 36,50€ / Sun 16,50€
Fri-Sat 56,50€ / Sat-Sun 41,50€ / 3 days 61,50€

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