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To 12.9.2019  /  Kuudes Linja  /  Helsinki

Victims (SWE), Massgrav (SWE), Diskelmä

Victims (SWE), Massgrav (SWE), Diskelmä Liput


For nearly twenty years, Stockholm's Victims have dished out an onslaught of crusty d-beat,
hardcore punk, and Motörhead-quality rock 'n' roll" - Noisey
Hardcore crust-punk legends VICTIMS formed in 1997 in Nyköping, Sweden. Now in 2019, VICTIMS embark on a new era, signing with legendary metal label Relapse
Records for the release of their seventh full-length album The Horse and Sparrow Theory.
Recorded by producer Karl Daniel Lidén (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Craft and more), The Horse and
Sparrow Theory clocks in at 28 minutes of relentless insurrection. VICTIMS' uncompromising
take on d-beat and hardcore is a definitive statement of intent, as the band is set to deconstruct
the current socio-political climate, bleak outlook of mass class division, industrialization, and the
self-absorbed pursuit of greed and corruption.

Swedish mangel veterans MASSGRAV have been dishing out rock n' roll infused hyperspeed
hardcore for the last 20 years, making them a loved, respected and yes, sometimes feared, part of
the international hardcore punk scene. Maturing like French cheese - but smelling much better -
Massgrav have consistently kept cranking their take on pissed off but melodic chaos yet another turn
towards the max.

Finnish D-beat monster is back!


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