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Fri 17.5.2019  /  On the Rocks  /  Helsinki

Tusovka 20: Shortparis (RUS), Antoha MC (RUS), NOM (RUS), DJ Hem

Tusovka 20: Shortparis (RUS), Antoha MC (RUS), NOM (RUS), DJ Hem Tickets

Tusovka Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special birthday party on May 17th at On the Rocks, Mikonkatu. The lineup will feature some new and wonderful names for our audience, as well as some old acquaintances. Sensational Shortparis are considered among the best russian live acts, and have already astonished european audiences on numerous tours and festivals. Antoha MC from Moscow has won an ever increasing crowd of followers with his groovy, uplifting songs. A blast from the past, NOM are among the legends of St. Petersburg rock scene. Behind the turntables will be maestro DJ Hem.

Tickets: 14/15€
Doors: 20:00

Shortparis are well on their way to deserved international acclaim and already being heralded as "the best Russian live act". Hailing from St. Petersburg and led by charismatic frontman Nikolay Komiagin, the band continues to build a reputation for its jaw-dropping ritualistic performances and dark, electronic soundscapes, as "irrational, spastic dance grooves" converge with "post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson" to form a musical aesthetic that is one of a kind.



Antoha MC
Anton Kuznetsov, known as Antoha MC, is an original phenomenon of the contemporary Russian scene - a humane voice of the generation brought up in the Moscow suburbs. He plays the trumpet, rhymes, and composes unconventional tracks infused with uplifting, sincere energy. His piercing lyrics are full of a romanticized nostalgia for a free-spirited childhood spent in urban jungles, and patriotic tunes, inspired by reggae and jazz grooves.



NOM is an acronym for the Russian "Informal Youth Organization" (Neformalnoe Obyedinenie Molodezhi), used by the official Soviet medias in 80es. The band NOM appeared in St. Petersburg (then still named Leningrad) in 1987 as an absurd-ironical answer to the great amount of "rock" bands in post-Soviet Russia. The band used musical cliches of all kinds mixed together with elements of cabaret and clownery, producing a strong emotional effect over the public.
For 32 years of existence the band created their own style, in which you can discover elements of progressive rock, punk, electronic minimalism, symphonic music, Russian folk, Soviet music and even opera. Lyrics play an important role for NOM, who follow traditions of such representatives of Russian poetry like Nikolay Gogol, Daniil Kharms and others.



DJ Hem
DJ Hem, also known as Hamdam Zakirov is a vinyl enthusiast, the main archeologist of "Melodia" (Soviet record label) in Helsinki, and a treasure hunter for all kinds of "Soviet Grooves". His sets include the best of Soviet and post-Soviet rock and pop music, jazz, funk and disco, as well as hits from movies and cartoons and folk music from all corners of the former USSR.

Age limit: 18+
Time: at 20:00-04:00

Garderobe fee of 3 € will be charged at the entrance.

Please show On the Rocks membership card at the door.