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La 21.9.2019  /  Valtimonteatteri  /  Helsinki

Tulkinnanvaraista -konsertti

Tulkinnanvaraista -konsertti Liput

Uuden ja kokeellisen taidemusiikin "Tulkinnanvaraista"-konsertti Valtimonteatterilla lauantaina 21.9.2019 UMUU-yhtyeen siivittämänä.


Tulkinnanvaraista is a concert series of new and experimental music established in 2010 and directed by its founder, cellist, composer and conductor Juho Laitinen.

The activities focus on presenting experimental art music from the last 130 years or so. Experimentalism is seen as an artist's practice to create new and previously unheard music by using means and methods of research - be it systematically or intuitively. Ideologies of avantgarde, modernism and post-modernism are surveyed within a dynamic fusion of past, present and future.

Another focal point is to bring to fore important solo, chamber and orchestral works that are largely neglected in the mainstream musical culture. Many of these works - performed by the resident UMUU Ensemble or visiting musicians - are heard in Finland for the first time.
In connection with the performances regular lectures and workshops are organized to promote a communal environment for deepening an understanding of and discussing sonorous and metaphysical aspects of experimental music.

Tulkinnanvaraista elaborates on the vision of its founder to create a non-hierarchical and communally shared artistic experience based on free association. Music brings together body, mind and spirit in an expression of aesthetics, philosophy and ethics.
But overall it remains a beautiful mystery.

Lue lisää esiintyjistä ja musiikista www.tulkinnanvaraista.fi 


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