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Pe 1.3.2019  /  On the Rocks  /  Helsinki

Dark Vision: Traitrs (CAN), Then Comes Silence (SWE), The Foreign Resort (DNK), The Flatfield

Dark Vision: Traitrs (CAN), Then Comes Silence (SWE), The Foreign Resort (DNK), The Flatfield Liput


Dark Vision: Traitrs (CAN), Then Comes Silence (SWE), The Foreign Resort (DNK), The Flatfield On The Rocksiin!

Liput: 9/10€
OTR-kortilla 7/8€
Ovet: 20:00

Ovet: 20:00
The Flatfield - 20:30
The Foreign Resort - 21:15
Traitrs - 22:00
Then Comes Silence - 22:45
DJ Mikke --> 23:45

Traitrs is a must-see post-punk band from Toronto, Canada. Duo has released three albums ‘Rites And Rituals' (2016), 'Speak In Tongues' (2017) and 'Butcher's Coin' (2018). Their releases reflect the band's propulsive, goth-influenced post-punk and immediately recall acts like Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Pornography-era Cure. The latest album that while still sounding like the bands early influences has a more industrial edge to it and surprising cinematic influences. Traitrs has toured successfully in North America and Europe.


Then Comes Silence, the quartet from Stockholm, the Swedish captains of postpunk is the gothic renaissance, where the darkness is kicked around in irresistible energy. The band is known for its hammering rhythms and strong melodies, it's goth, psychedelica, rock and post-punk in a symbiosis. TCS has released four full-length albums and has toured massively with such names as A Place to Bury Strangers, Fields of The Nephilim and Chameleons Vox.


The Foreign Resort - the mix of dark new wave and explosive post-punk. Hailing from Copenhagen, the band combines the shadowy mysticism of The Cure's Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over motoric bass and powerful drumming. The Foreign Resort have toured relentlessly, since 2010, the band has been rigorous in playing more than 420 shows across North America and Europe! The trio has released three full-length albums and is ready to release the band's next album in 2019.


The Flatfield has sought to cherish the tradition of gothic/post-punk music and aesthetics by giving ossified conventions a small twist. The band music may be cold and laconic in essence, but all of all of a sudden, it's moist, heated, full of passion and fervor. The Flatfield has played a number of gigs in Finland and Europe, and has released two-full length albums.



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