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Ti 9. - Sö 14.8.2022  /  Ålandstravet  /  Mariehamn

The Nordic Championship for Icelandichorses

The Nordic Championship for Icelandichorses Biljetter

The Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses are held in Åland Island on August 9-14, 2022.

Come and enjoy the best Icelandic horses the Nordic countries have to offer and take the possibility to see them competing in both Sport and Gaedingakeppni classes. A market street and food services are also available. Enjoy the Åland Island together with the Icelandic horses in the best way. A very warm welcome to our beautiful Island!

The Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses are held every two years and the Nordic countries alternate between hosting the event. On August 9-14 in 2022 it is Finland’s turn to host the championships. The event will take place in Åland Islands.

Åland belongs to Finland but is an independent region. It is the island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, favorably located in between Finland and Sweden. In Åland at “Travet mitt i havet” there are comprehensive facilities including a newly built track for Icelandic horses. Thus, Åland can offer one of the best competition arenas in Finland. The championships are a collaborative endeavor by Álenskur Icelandic Horse Association, the Equine Sports Association of Aland, and the Finnish Icelandic Horse Association (FIHF/SIHY).

In 2020 the Nordic Championships were planned to be hosted in Sweden, but the plan was discontinued due to the pandemic. This means that it has been four years since the Nordic Championships were last held. The enthusiasm for next summer’s Nordic Championships is substantial and the neighboring countries are already predicting an audience attendance record. The maximum number of participating horses at Nordic Championships is 246, including a maximum of 60 spare horses.

How do the competitions work?

In short, in Icelandic horse competitions, the performance of each rider and horse in the various tests is marked for points. Icelandic horses are different from other breeds because they have two extra gaits; in addition to walk, trot and canter, they have tolt and pace. The focus of the various tests is to showcase the horse’s gaits and to ride in as correct and compliant a manner as possible.

The riders of both Sport and Gaedingakeppni classes compete on the assessment of the gaits on the oval track. There are also more fast-paced pace competitions organized in addition to the tests on the oval track; they are a type of race on a straight track. Boys and girls, men and women compete together in the same conditions in the various classes and tests.

The competitions are the main focus during the event, but even so, the event is also a festivity that brings together people from everywhere in the Nordic region. The Nordic Championships are a familiar event the gathers women, men, girls and boys of all ages. In addition to the competitions, there will be an opening ceremony, break-time shows, and evening events. At the competition area, the visitors are offered a restaurant in the Toto Hall, a Foodstreet with food carts and various sales stalls. There will also be a market street with sales stands where companies both from Aland and from other countries will offer their products for sale.



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