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Fri 18.2. - Sun 17.4.2022  /  TEHDAS Teatteri  /  Turku

The Gynecologist

The Gynecologist Tickets

What if you could peek inside yourself? The Gynecologist is a journey into the inner world of the body told through the language of mime. A gynecologist, Dr. Freon, dives into the patient’s uterus in a search for a solution to her painful ailments.

The performance created by specialists in physical comedy operates

in two coexisting spaces and scales, looking at the eco-catastrophe with a uterine hysteroscope. Climate change is like endometriosis* : a chronic inflammation in the womb where life begins. A disease that destroys the planet’s immune system and leads to the extinction of species.

The Gynecologist combines audiovisual design with carefully detailed miming, the tradition of physical theatre with modern storytelling, and science with art.

The Gynecologist approaches serious topics through gentle comedy, playing on the frontiers of the intimate stage: the ecosystem of the fallopian tube is deserted, a sandstorm rages in the ovary, an oil spill causes menstrual disorders, bacteria important to the body suffocate in microplastics…

The mime show that tickles the brain and the belly has been produced in collaboration with Kallo Collective. The medical consultant of the work has been an expert in gynecology.

* Endometriosis affects 10-15% of fertile people with a womb. i.e. up to 200,000 people in Finland.

Concept & performer: Emma Castrén
Director: Jenni Kallo
Lighting designer: Vilma Vantola
Sound designer: Iida Hägglund
Stage designer: Gemma Tweedie
Costume designer: Mirva Mietala
Stage Assistant: Oscar Dempsey
Medical Expert: Laura Elo
Production: Tehdas Teatteri & Kallo Collective.

Language: non-verbal

Photo: Gemma Tweedie

Age limit: 12+

Duration 1 h.

The doors open 1 hour prior to the show.
The seats are unnumbered.

The contact details of the customers who bought the ticket will be transferred to the organizer for information / guidance.