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Pe 17.5.2019  /  Kuudes Linja  /  Helsinki

Suma (SWE) & Morbid Evils (FIN)

Suma (SWE) & Morbid Evils (FIN) Liput


Blow Up That Gramophone & Fight The Night presents:

Suma (SWE) & Morbid Evils (FIN)

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden and formed in 2001 SUMA has been spreading the plague of their sonic weight, noise-ridden hallucinatory doom metal on the world for the past decade and a half. Through these years they've lured hordes of humans into the lair with their devastatingly heavy, one way trip into the vortex live performances and crushing delivery on their recorded matters.

The sludgy Finnish four-piece Morbid Evils crawled out from the sewers in early 2014, and have already sparked off a buzz after a string of underground shows and the digital single "In Hate", released last August. Bearing the title In Hate With The Burning World, the debut album was released on March 2015 on CD, LP and digital formats.

The band started in early 2014 out of the members' shared love of down-tuned riffs played at a slug's pace and their hatred of humanity in general, and at the brink of summer, they found themselves with an album's worth of original material. Recording sessions and post-production took place throughout the hot season in the darkness of the band's own rehearsal room. The album was created from start to finish with a strong organic approach, and much of the instrumentation was recorded live. Comments Keijo Niinimaa, "We have a desolate worldview, and our aim is to create soundscapes that suck the listener into fiery sewers in which there is no hope for a future."

SUMA - bandcamp
Morbid Evils - bandcamp


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