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Thu 20. - Sat 22.6.2019  /  Rukatunturi  /  Kuusamo

Solstice Festival

Solstice Festival Tickets


Solstice is a boutique music and arts festival located on top of a high fell Ruka, in the northern Finland.

An experience of music and art in a high plain environment where the sun never sets.

Imagine yourself in a tiny grassy village, rising high above the seemingly endless sea of spruce and pine trees and little lakes around you. The clouds appear to be almost at arms length. You're far away from the nearest highway, only narrow rocky roads lead to this place. The light of the sun seems to illuminate forever, and you have forgotten about your daily existence.

Antti Salonen / Better Things To Do / Buttechno LIVE (RU) / Celestial Trax / D. Tiffany (CA) / Daniel Kayrouz / Denzel / DJ Aleksi / DJ Jese / DJ Nobu / djrubio LIVE / Elias Gould & Liquid Sky LIVE / Emma Valtonen / Emma DJ / Hanna Ojanen / J.Lindroos / Justus Valtanen / Kristiina Männikkö / Lara Silva / Lauri Soini / Linda Lazarov / Mama Snake (DK) / Marju / Miro-Benji / Огни LIVE / Olli Koponen / Onni Boi LIVE / RAD LIVE / Sansibar / Sebastian Holm / Shanti Celeste (CL) / Skooge Records / Spekki Webu (NL) / Tero Männikkö / Yu Chuan

Solstice Festival: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

Age limit: 18+

Only 3 day tickets for sale.

THURSDAY 20.6.2019 at 18:00-02:00
FRIDAY 21.6.2019 at 18:00-04:00
SATURDAY 22.6.2019 at 18:00-04:00

All tickets are exchanged to wristbands at Ruka.