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Thu 20. - Sun 23.6.2024  /  Rukatunturi  /  Kuusamo

Solstice Festival 2024

Solstice Festival 2024 Tickets


Solstice Festival is a gathering for people who enjoy music, art and nature, preferably combined. It takes place during midsummer (20.-22.6.) in northern Finland next to the Arctic Circle. The festival site, Rukatunturi, is a fell which rises half a kilometer above sea level, giving people picturesque views over pine trees and lakes.
Midsummer combined with the northern location means the sun doesn’t set at all during that time, creating a unique atmosphere, a celebration of light and life.

↳ Lineup
Amor Satyr, ATI, Aurora Halal, Bitter Babe, Cucina Povera LIVE, Digge Shim LIVE, DJ JVS, DJ Marcelle, DJ Smokey, Emma DJ & Toma Kami, Eris Drew, Erisan LIVE, Essi Eirene, Evan Baggs, Exploited Body LIVE, Felisha Ledesma LIVE, Ferdelance LIVE, Glayden LIVE, James K LIVE, Jori Hulkkonen presents dRUMMAN LIVE, Kaspiann LIVE, Kia, Kinzua LIVE, Krash Bandicute, Laura MRLS LIVE, LEONE CEDI LIVE, Malla LIVE, Nemo & Castro, Nosedrip & OKO DJ, Objekt, Otilia, Paula Koski, Peach, Pekko LIVE, Rivet, S-Candalo, Sansibar, Sebastian Holm, Space Afrika LIVE, Spekki Webu LIVE, Stella & Eemeli Engberg, Vlada


Age limit: 18+

3-Day Festival ticket — 180€ + service fee

3-Day Festival ticket includes a 3-day ski lift ticket (15 €).

The festival has two wristband exchanges.

If you are coming from Ruka Village you can get your wristband or buy a single day ticket from our wristband exchange at the bottom of the Village Express Ski Lift located in Ruka Village.
If you are entering from the Kelo entrance on the MastonAitio side, you can do so at the Kelo entrance on that side.

If you have a three day festival ticket, you’ll receive your ski lift ticket as you exchange the festival ticket into your wristband.

Festival tickets must be purchased separately!

When ordering, the number of guests and the names of the guests will be asked. If these change before the event, please notify the changed information to [email protected] 
All apartments and hotel rooms except MastonAitio cottages are a short walk from the lifts and the festival area is easily accessible.
The door code for the accommodation will be delivered by text message no later than the morning of the day of arrival to the telephone number provided when booking.
Check-in for festival guests at 18:00.
The price of your apartment, rental cottage or hotel room always includes e.g. Private sauna, free WLAN internet access, 32 "flat-screen TV and microwave. MastonAitio cottages have comprehensive kitchen facilities. Cleaning, linen and towels are always included.
A more detailed booking confirmation for the accommodations will be sent to the email provided with the booking well in advance of the event.

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS (1 ticket = one cabin or apartment)

RukaSuites43 (4+2 persons)
RukaSuites55 (6+2 persons)
RukaVillage30 (2+1 persons) Incl. breakfast for 2 people.
RukaVillage60 (4+2 persons)
RukaVillage70 (4+2 persons) Incl. jacuzzi.
RukaVillage88 (6+2 persons) Incl. jacuzzi.
AurinkoRinne33 (2 persons)
AurinkoRinne49 (4+2 persons)
AurinkoRinne55 (4+2 persons)
(3+1 persons)
RukaTonttu51 (4+2 persons)
RukaValley 28
(2+1 persons) Incl. breakfast for 2 people.
RukaValley48 (2+2 persons)
RukaValley32 (2+2 persons)

MastonAitio60 (4+2 persons)
MastonAitio70 (6+2 persons)
MastonAitio80 (6+2 persons)

Extra nights and breakfast available for purchase for all accommodation types by contacting [email protected].


Bus ticket holders will get further instructions via email before the event. Buses from Helsinki stop at K-Citymarket Kuusamo on the way to Ruka


Helsinki-Ruka: Ke 19.6. klo 07:00 Kaikukatu 2, Helsinki

Ruka-Helsinki: Su 23.6. klo 15:00 MastonAitio, 15:15 RukaValley klo 15:30 RukaVillage, Ruka

Helsinki-Ruka: To 20.6. klo 07:00 Kaikukatu 2, Helsinki

Ruka-Helsinki: Su 23.6. klo 15:00 MastonAitio, 15:15 RukaValley klo 15:30 RukaVillage, Ruka


Oulu-Ruka: Ke 19.6. klo 18:55 Oulu airport, klo 19:30 Oulu bus station. Arrives to RukaVillage, RukaValley and MastonAitio.

Ruka-Oulu: Su 23.6. klo 8:30 MastonAitio, Ruka, 8:45 RukaValley klo 9:00 RukaVillage (Kumpare stop), Ruka. Arrives to Oulu bus station 12:30, Arrives to Oulu airport 13:00

Solstice After Hours

Solstice After Hours every night starting at 2am in Sudenpesä, located near Ruka Ski Stadium. Festival Ticket does not include entrance to After Hours. Solstice After Hours tickets are sold seperately.

Thursday: Peach b2b Sansibar, Kia b2b Bitter Babe
Friday: Daniel Kayrouz b2b Justus Valtanen, Toma Kami b2b Amor Satyr
Saturday: Denzel b2b Joni DJ, Mama Snake b2b Spekki Webu

Age limit +18

The event is not accessible.

Juhannuskalliontie 27, 93830, Kuusamo