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Lö 20.4.2019  /  Metallhallen  /  Raseborg

SKUMT 2019//

SKUMT 2019// Biljetter


SKUMT is a cultural gem of Raseborgs music/art scene.

The one day event is focused on giving the people of Raseborg an exclusive music event from artists around Scandinavia. Skumt is also committed to being a very special event because of it's creative design.


BONBON X YRA is an up and coming rap duo from Sweden. They are managed by the swedish reggae legend Syster sol. Dj DRE4MIE is performing with them, he'll be spinning some dope tunes for you during the evening! Together they are known for making the crowd go crazy. They are also  going to be releasing a new EP soon!

GONZA-RA is from Storuman in the north of Sweden. He is known for doing his own thing and is a part of the Random Bastards crew. With some sick beats this act will be no joke.

TOM ALFONS is a well known rap artist in Jakobstad. Last summer he released his debut EP "Allt Handlar Om Mig." He is a cool guy with new music on the way!

You thought you knew weird this is SKUMT!


Åldersgräns: 18+
Tid: Dörrar kl. 20:00