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Pe 20.10.2023  /  G Livelab  /  Helsinki

Other Power Label Night: Islaja + Music For Pekka Airaksinen

Other Power Label Night: Islaja + Music For Pekka Airaksinen Liput

Other Power is a new label from Helsinki, Finland. It operates as a sibling label to the internationally recognized We Jazz Records, and like it’s older sibling, is curated and designed by Matti Nives. Other Power strives to release uncompromising music without boundaries. The name of the label is an homage to two great artists in the history of Finnish electronic music and beyond, Pekka Airaksinen (1945–2019) and Perttu Häkkinen (1979–2018). Häkkinen released an album of Airaksinen's music in 2012 on the Harmönia label, and Other Power shall continue to work with the Airaksinen estate to unearth previously unheard music from the vast archives. The first Other Power Labe Night begins with "Music For Pekka Airaksinen", a performance created by Sami Pekkola and Samuli Tanner, two contemporary musicians who collaborated with Airaksinen.

The first release on the new label is "Angel Tape", the eagerly-awaited new album by Islaja, aka Finnish musician Merja Kokkonen. Whereas Islaja has often thought of albums as being collections of recent songs presented together, ”Angel Tape” has a strong sense of conceptual coherence. The music comes from a place. That doesn’t mean that one must take a single path from one place to the next, as close listenings of the album reveal layers upon layers of not only sound but also of mood and meaning. From the human voice in its barest form, to the rising dense walls of sound moving and reshaping, ”Angel Tape” is a captivating album that unveils new contours with each repeated listening.


Ikäraja: Ikärajaton
Aika: Ovet klo 19:00
Myynti loppuu 20.10.2023 20:00.