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Ke 20.5.2020  /  Maxim  /  Helsinki

Nordic Diversity Forum 2020

Nordic Diversity Forum 2020 Liput

Welcome to the first ever Nordic Diversity Forum! A day packed with inspiration, expertise and great networking opportunities.

How do you attract and engage talents from around the world? How do you ensure that you hire the best possible team for you and that you get the most versatile perspectives for your company? How do you innovate in a way that improves your company reputation, increases profits and inspires your team to bring out the best of themselves?

Diverse workforce and leadership is out performing an average organisation anytime. Actually by 35%. Learn how to avoid and manage crisis and scandals with increased diversity competency.

Our amazing speakers highlight diversity from every perspective and provide you with new skills for hiring, managing and engaging diverse teams. In addition, the workshop and panel will give you the opportunity to discuss your own specific questions and to exchange with others.

We are providing a groundbreaking and nouveau experience for decision makers in municipalities, business, industry, politics and education concerning the impact of cultural diversity for sustainable success.

Find out what experts and activists are thinking about it, get your ticket here. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Helsinki.


Ikäraja: Ikärajaton
Aika: klo 9:00-17:00

9:30 Welcome: Susheela Daniel & Christian Thibault
9:45 Ike Chime, meditational Kalimba music
9:55 Opening: Sami Itani, Senior Vice-President at Adecco, President at Athletics Finland
10:20 Juan Ravines Lozoy, "Lived Experiences: Experts moving from Finland to Norway"
10:50 "Glocalisation in international Marketing and Business" Dr. Apramey Dube
11:20 Victoria Kawesa - How to avoid and respond to diversity related scandals
11:50 Lunchbreak and market of opportunities, networking with NGO´s
12:35 Ike Chime, meditational Kalimba music
12:45 "Building and managing diverse teams" Keith Armstrong, SJK
13:10 "Finland in the eyes of international politics and industry" Ozan Yanar
13:35 Workshops and coffee break
14:20 Dr. Faith Mkwesha ''Ubuntu - people and environment friendly culture''
14:40 Kitimba ''Multiculturalisms promise of happiness''
15:10 "Attracting Diverse Talent to Municipalities" Emer Costello
15:40 All Speakers Panel: "What can the participants concretely do and change?"
16:10 Global Family Awards
16:30 Closing

Päivätapahtuma on ikärajaton.

After event dinner and drinks klo 19.00. After eventin ikäraja K-18.


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Myynti loppuu 20.5.2020 09:00.
Kluuvikatu 1, 00100, Helsinki