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Nirvana Tribute Unplugged

Nirvana Tribute Unplugged Liput

Dear Friends,

It was the year 1994. I was hanging out in Texas searching for the meaning of life with my friend Mika Sillanpää. One morning, the U.S.A Today -magazine appeared and we read that Kurt Cobain had ended his pain by leaving our world. Highly respecting his music, we decided that someday we would start a band that plays the material of Nirvana while faithfully conveying the spirit of the original songs.

After nine years, in 2003, we finally took action and began practising with Mika on guitar and vocals and me playing the drums. But we were in need of a bass player. That's when our good friend and an excellent musician, Toby Wiio, came along.

However, our journey with Toby came to an end in the summer of 2006 and Lauri Vehkala with his 40 lbs. of hippy love replaced him.

Now, after many pints, bumps and bruises and miles on the road, we are better than ever and ready to perform and celebrate the legacy of Nirvana -- one of the best groups of all times.

Oh well, whatever -- nevermind


Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: klo 18:00-22:00
Showtime 20:30

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