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Wed 3. - Sat 6.10.2018  /  Multiple locations  /  Tampere

Lost in Music Festival 2018

Lost in Music Festival 2018 Tickets


Lost in Music -artists:
Aida, Awake Again, Bess, Block Buster, Bottlecap (SWE), Cavallini & Shrty, Cledos, Color Dolor, Cosmute (NLD), Detalji, Donna and The Dynamites, Egokills, Elias Gould, Founding Neverland, Ghost World, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Huuto!, Iisa, Intiaanikesä, InSammer (SWE), Jukka Takalo, Karina, Karo Broman, Lac Belot (acoustic), Lepolan Akka & Kulkutauti, M, Mafia Honey, Mansesteri, Marjut, Matka Maailman Ympäri (acoustic), Melo, Mendi Moon, Nefer Nefer, Neøv, New Deadline, Niila (acoustic), Olavi Uusivirta, Olli Antonio, Onni Boi, Paperi T, Pastis, PK Keränen & Valtteri Pöyhönen, Planet Case, Psychework, Radio Supernova, Raja, Rebecca, Red Eleven, Rony Rex, Ruma (acoustic special), Ruusut, Satama, Sini Yasemin, Sitoi, Sofia, Spiritraiser, Tammela 33100, Terri, The Bitterlicks, The Holy, The Northquakes, Tontario, Tuohimaa, Tyrantti, Töölön Ketterä, Ulpu, Valhe, Verhot, Versace Henrik, View, Vili Mustalampi, Vilma Alina (duo), Vuoret, Ylva Haru, Younghearted


Metal Export Finland -artists*:
Atlas, Ensiferum, Rytmihäiriö, Medeia, Demonic Death Judge, Brymir, King Satan, Skein

*Metal pass allows access to the metal gigs at Olympia and Jack the Rooster on Fri 5.10.


After the presale, tickets at the Lost in Music venues!

Age limit: 18+

With a festivalpass, free entrance to all the venues as long as there's room. Please arrive early!

With a metal pass, free enttrance to Olympia and Jack the Rooster on Fri 5.10.

Passes will be exchanged to wristband at any venue during the event.

Student ID must be shown at the venue.