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Pe 26.5.2023  /  Tavara-asema  /  Tampere

Betonimylly x Tavara-asema: Dustro, Mary Young, Alakyykky, DJ Icey-E, Invictus & DJ Ket

Betonimylly x Tavara-asema: Dustro, Mary Young, Alakyykky, DJ Icey-E, Invictus & DJ Ket Liput


We have been very excited to be able to announce that we will be taking the Betonimylly sounds to the 116 year old Tavara-Asema venue in May! The building has recently reopened as a venue for cultural - and music events.

We are pleased to welcome our two guest DJ's for the occasion, hailing from Helsinki and Oulu!

📀 Dustro (Oulu, Finland) - @dustro.9

"DJ and producer Dustro, who is also one third of Synchro Posse, is coming down to this dance from Oulu (aka PSK kaupunni) to do a mighty vinyl set with the clattering sounds of Heinäpää factory, dust particles and bassy vibrations, transmitted through his dusty record bag - Molecule Switching and Techno for adult taste."

📀 Mary Young (Helsinki, Finland) - @mintakat

"Mary Young is a DJ, radio host and multidisciplinary artist. You can find her playing diligently in the booths and on the dancefloors of Helsinki's clubs - or running dressed as a rabbit around Kontula. Mary is part of a UK bass club London Zoo Helsinki.
She’s a trusted herald of dad jokes. In case you’re a fan of those, check out her monthly show ’Head High’ on IDA Helsinki radio!
Mary often combines UK bass with the deepest house, breaks & tasty percussive sounds. Filthy, bassy and dark yet playful."
Our following reident DJ's for this occasion are the usual suspects:

📀 Alakyykky - @elbush
📀 DJ Icey - @_icey_e
📀 Invictus - @invictus.mp3
📀 DJ Ket - @DJ__Ket

🎥 Visuals and VJ: Yu Hsuan Yao - @yuhsuan.yao

"Finland based Taiwanese visual artist Yu-Hsuan Yao works primarily with moving image and photography, new media, and audiovisual performances. Her visual sets show incredible skill and finesse, and have left people amazed, time after time, at Betonimylly Raves and countless other occasions."

⚠️⚠️⚠️ IMPORTANT INFO ⚠️⚠️⚠️
🚩 Tavara-Asema, Ratapihankatu 33, 33100, Tampere
💶 16.50 € tickets sold on Tiketti.fi, (includes security/narikka fee + booking fee) (link in bio)
🗓 26.5.2023
🕕 22 - 05
🚫 18+



Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: Ovet klo 22:00

Liput ovelta 18 €, mikäli jäljellä.

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