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Sat 8.7.2023  /  Verstas  /  Taalintehdas

Baltic Jazz 2023
5.-6. Baltic Jazz Kids

Baltic Jazz 2023 Tickets

At Baltic Jazz Festival, the different styles of classic jazz blend with other genres in the historical iron works surroundings of Dalsbruk. Organised annually since 1987, this swinging festival is a meeting place for internationally renowned musicians and local talent who offer a balanced mix of classic jazz, blues and rock music for the whole family.

Thursday 6.7.2023

1. Tjuvstart 20.00-22.00
Archipelago Sea Jazz All Stars
(Antti Sarpila cl/sax, Jussi Fredriksson p, Gustav Nyström trb, Fredrik Erlandsson trp, Vesa Saloranta b, Thomas Rönnholm d)
Kasnäs Paviljong, Kasnäsvägen / Kasnäsintie 1294

Friday 7.7.2023

2. Swinging Sails – Svengaava Saaristopurjehdus 13.00-17.00
Antti Sarpila Solo Piano
Jahti Eugenia
The price includes coffee and a bun. From each ticket sold, €5 will be donated to the John Nurminen Foundation, to save the Baltic Sea.

3. 65th Anniversary of DDT Jazzband 19.00-20.15
DDT Jazzband with special guest Johanna Försti
Bruksparken, Parkvägen / Ruukinpuisto, Puistotie

4. Jammin’ at the Strand 22.00-24.00
Tribute to the Benny Goodman Trio (Antti Sarpila cl, Janne Hovi p, Thomas Rönnholm d)
Strandhotellet, Dalsbruksvägen 694 / Strandhotellet, Taalintehtaantie 694

Saturday 8.7.2023

5. Baltic Jazz Kids 11.00-11.45
Arne Alligator & Djungeltrumman (In swedish)
Verstas, Tullinmäentie

6. Baltic Jazz Kids 12.15-13.00
Aarne Alligaattori & Viidakkorumpu (In finnish)
Verstas, Tullinmäentie

Picnic in the Park 14.00-18.00
Concerts 7-9
Ruukinpuisto, Puistotie

7. Portraits of Jazz 14.00-15.00
Antti Sarpila Swing Band with guests
(Antti Sarpila cl/sax, Janne Hovi p, Wade Mikkola b, Thomas Rönnholm d, Tero Saarti trp, Antti Snellman sax, Juha “Jay” Kortehisto trb)
Ruukinpuisto, Puistotie

8. Monica Z Story 15.30-16.30
Story of Monica Zetterlund by Sofia Finnilä Orchestra
(Sofia Finnilä voc, Tero Saarti trp, Hannu Rantanen b, Eliina Taal p)
Ruukinpuisto, Puistotie

9. Spirit of Swedish Jazz 17.00-18.00
Fredrik Lindborg Trio & String Quartet (SWE)
Ruukinpuisto, Puistotie

10. Jazz & Dinner 18.30-20.00 Presale only!
Django Collective Helsinki
Ullman’s Villa, Huvilatie 1
Includes a welcome toast, a 3-course dinner and access to concert no. 12.

11. Jazz with a Sting
Sofia Finnilä sings the music of Sting
(Sofia Finnilä voc, Tero Saarti trp, Risto Topponen g)
Bio Pony, Tallimäentie 4

12. Swing Factory 20.00-01.00

Screaming Jay & The Bones 10th Anniversary
(Juha “Jay” Kortehisto voc/trb, Antti Snellman sax, Valtteri Pöyhönen g, Lasse Sirkko b, Thomas Rönnholm d)

SoulSisters – Swing Noir

(Anna Wiksten voc, Heidi Kiviharju voc, Pi Viana voc, Hannu Risku d, Jani Snellman b, Kalle Katz p/keys, Oleksandr Charkin trb

Professor Cunningham & His Old School (USA)

Verstas, Tullinmäentie

Sunday 9.7.2023

13. Film Noir 12.30-13.30
Anna Inginmaa
(Anna Inginmaa voc, Arto Ikävalko p, Joonas Tuuri b, Ville Luukkonen d)
Ullman’s Villa, Huvilatie 1

14. Ending concert 18.00-19.00
From Classical to Swing – Angelika Klas & Seppo Hovi Trio
(Angelika Klas voc, Seppo Hovi p/acc, Antti Sarpila cl/sax, Hannu Rantanen b)
Söderlångvikin kartano, Amos Andersonintie 2

15. After party (18+)
20.30-21.30 Cream Pistols
22.00-23.00 Fury (AX)
23.30-00.30 TrrTrrTrr
Verstas, Tullinmäentie


Includes concerts 1, 3, 5-9, 11-13, 15
(Does not include concerts 2, 4, 10, 14 and picnic and brunch.)

Brunch ingår ej i festivalpasset i konsert nr. 13


Save the Baltic Sea!

The mission of the John Nurminen Foundation is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage to future generations. The foundation executes concrete measures to stop eutrophication and biodiversity loss. Join the important work by adding a donation on top of the ticket price.

Read more about John Nurminen Foundation:
Foundation’s collection permit:

Age limit: All ages
Ovet avataan 30 min ennen konsertin alkua.

Doors 30 minutes before the show.

Tickets will be exchanged to wristbands at the door.

Free entrance for children under the age of 2 to Baltic Jazz Kids. Other concerts: free entrance for children under 12 years together with a parent (NB! Does not apply to concerts no. 2, 10 and 15).

12–17-year olds get a 50 % discount on all concert tickets. NB! The  discount does not apply on our festival passes or concerts no. 2, 10 and 15.

Sales closes at 8.7.2023 11:00.
Tullimäentie 5, 25900, Taalintehdas