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Wed 13. - Sun 17.11.2019  /  Kiitoradankuja 9  /  Vantaa

Baltic Circle // Emilia Kokko: how to host something as a cloud

Baltic Circle // Emilia Kokko: how to host something as a cloud Tickets

Baltic Circle
Emilia Kokko: how to host something as a cloud

I have considered the weather and momentary states of queerness that appear and evaporate here and there, on the streets and subways and everywhere. Moments where everything changes yet nothing much can be seen. I have considered knowing, and different ways of knowing. Whose knowledge has access to the canon of knowledges, whose to their outskirts? Some knowledges stay in the sidestreams to be on their own terms, and this is good. This is also good. My attention is on the sidestreams. I listen to Tami T. I think of the wind. It is somewhat windy here.

It is as if nothing is happening.

I am not sure what this performance is about. It's about something more than the beyondness of gender structures. It's about something else as well. Clouds. Or I don't know. Something. How to host something as something? All the time things are slowly changing. All the time things are clearing out and distancing. Things do not become defined. There is something all the time. And now something else, already. Or I don't know. Something else is happening. There is something else. Landscapes beyond landscapes.

Something. Something. Something.

Emilia Kokko (they/them) is a non-binary queer feminist, performance artist, cat lover and actor.

"I work and live in fragile structures. I try to take care of fragile structures. When I build a performance, I try to approach a point beyond comprehension; a feeling of an inconceivability that is present.

I try to think about accessibilities: who has access to this performance, who can afford it, for whom is there space, for whom is there safety. How to make space. I have been thinking about consent and how important it is that one can leave my performance as easily as possible, if one feels like it. And then perhaps return."

Working group: Meri Ekola, E. L. Karhu, Emilia Kokko, Markus Lindén, Elina Minn, Hannah Ouramo Production: Emilia Kokko
Co-produced by: Baltic Circle
Supported by: Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Finnish Cultural Foundation via Kehä IIII

Photo: Sam Conlon

Time: at 19:00

Duration: ~90 min
Performed in Finnish with English surtitles

Reservation time 2 days.

Please arrive early. Latecomers will not be admitted.

Ticket buyers' contact infos will be handed to the organizer for further informing.

Kiitoradankuja 9
Kiitoradankuja 9, 01530, Vantaa