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La 8.6.2019  /  Ääniwalli  /  Helsinki

B.B.E. / THE AGE OF LOVE (IT) (Triangle / Diki / Positiva / Kosmo Records)

B.B.E. / THE AGE OF LOVE (IT) (Triangle / Diki / Positiva / Kosmo Records) Liput

Some tunes live forever, some tunes create totally new musical genres, some tunes are foundation and fundamental inspiration for new musical journeys to new producers and musicians. 1990 two great Italian musicians made historical electronic dance track called The Age Of Love. These two legends were Bruno Sanchioni and Giuseppe Chierchia. 

This tune changed the whole world. Two years later Jam & Spoon mixed the track and rest is history. The influence of that tune was so massive that without that tune the electronic music genre for melodic hypnotic sounds, so called Trance music, would not be the same.

In 1996, six years later of releasing The Age Of Love, Bruno Sanchioni created new project called B.B.E. with Bruno Quartier and Emmanuel Top. Their first release "Seven Days And One Week"  thrilled the world of electronic music and created totally new way of Trance music worldwide. "Seven Days And One Week" was underground mega hit. It shaped the electronic dance music to the new dimensions and is one of the most known Trance tracks of all time.

On Saturday 8th June 2019 we will witness historical moment in Finnish electronic dance music history when original Italian composer and producer, Bruno Sanchioni arrives to Ääniwalli Helsinki and performs both The Age Of Love and B.B.E. sets. This night will not be forgotten and will live forever.



(Bruno Sanchioni / Triangle / Diki/ Positiva Records)

More artists to be announced soon

Lights by Simo Rask, Anna Myllyluoma, Jani Laatinen Video visuals by Superstition VHS Team Two stages: ROOM1 + ROOM1+1

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