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Mon 16.9. - Thu 21.11.2019  /  Q-Teatteri  /  Helsinki


Asennot Tickets


The dancers Elena Leave, Erno Ritola and Miina Mustarinta are working together. They want to create a stage piece that is making love with everything that offers itself to be kissed. Their aim is to reach the eroticism present in everything, to find movement in the power of attraction. 

The performance follows the intertwining development of their art and life stories. Dance becomes part of everything they do and travels everywhere they go. It is present in moments of vitality and withdrawal, and finally takes the form of dying. 

"Our practice was made up of very simple exercises to maintain our ability to be receptive and to be affected. We had to find a way to break the indifference that only seemed to expand at those times." -Miina Mustarinta 


Asennot is a fantasy about how the intimacy within the artistic practice - the courage to see and be seen - slowly becomes a lifestyle, a way to be in the world with others. Asennot offers a stage for the physical experiences of tenderness, vulnerability and clumsiness. It explores the courage to take pleasure in the human body and the unknown within.

Anna-Mari Karvonen makes work for theatre, dance and performance stages. Physicality is strongly present in Karvonen's works that weave into their various contexts with wit and humour. The narratives often falter in their own fatality while creating a frame for bodies - their vibrations as well as their fragilities - evoked by different forces, matters and loves.


On stage: Elena Leeve, Minttu Mustakallio ja Eero Ritala

Dramaturgy, Direction: Anna-Mari Karvonen

Performance dramaturgy: Asta Honkamaa

Dramaturgical assistant: Louna-Tuuli Luukka

Stage design: Jaakko Pietiläinen

Sound design: Tatu Nenonen

Light design: Heikki Paasonen

Costume design: Hanne Jurmu

Choreography: Anna Mustonen

Artistic advice: Emilia Kokko

Production: Q-teatteri
Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Language: Finnish, subtitled in English from November 12 onwards

Student cards and others will be checked at the door.
Bar / cafe open 1h before the show.
Unnumbered seats.

Ticket buyers' contact info will be given to the organizer for information purposes.