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Tue 18. - Sun 30.5.2021  /  Teatteri Viirus  /  Helsinki

Ahti Kuningas Lommi Nenonen Salo Soidinsalo: Svett

Ahti Kuningas Lommi Nenonen Salo Soidinsalo: Svett Tickets

Ahti Kuningas Lommi Nenonen Salo Soidinsalo


Svett is a performance that discloses corporeality through motifs of pleasure, emancipation and the act of letting go.

Svett (eng. sweat) by Hanna Ahti , Iida Kuningas , Aksinja Lommi , Tatu Nenonen , Jani - Matti Salo , and Heidi Soidinsalo calls together dance, light, and sound, and focuses on an uninhibited body and stage. The guiding thought is to create a pulsating, flowing, and sweaty performance that makes space for sensuous terrains.  

The working process explores mechanisms of self-censorship and a receptive body that leans towards premonition and harbours change. By dancing like tomorrow never comes, Svett wishes to invoke feelings of hope and coping.

Svett surfs on the wave of planetary change. It lives in the moment just before last call and in the smell of existential sweat.

Working group: Hanna Ahti, Iida Kuningas, Aksinja Lommi, Tatu Nenonen, Jani-Matti Salo, Heidi Soidinsalo.
Production: Zodiak, Teater Viirus, Hanna Ahti 

Photo: Katri Naukkarinen

Teater Viirus

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