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La 9.11.2019  /  Teatteri Forum  /  Helsinki

Afrofinns Achievement Awards 2019

Afrofinns Achievement Awards 2019 Liput


The time has come to celebrate US! To say thank you to all those whom have contributed so much in uplifting the Afro community in Finland with their personal work, community involvement, innovative ideas, dedication and sacrifices. Its time to have a glamorous, beautiful and unique gala night for US! It is time for the Afrofinns Achievement Awards!

We invite you to come and make this possible. You can make this historical event possible by donating through the crowd funding campaign at mesenaatti.me and get a free ticket to the first award gala for the Afro-community and friends.

The Afrofinns Achievement Awards (AAA) goal is to promote and celebrate the enormous talent, accomplishments and significant contributions of people of African decent to their communities and to Finland.


Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: Gala 18:00-23:00

Gala at 18:00 to 22:30.
After party at 22:30 to 3:30.

Afterparty is NOT included in the Gala ticket. Afterparty ticket has to be be purchased separately.

Facebook-event here.

Myynti loppuu 9.11.2019 17:00.