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La 18.3.2017  /  On The Rocks  /  Helsinki

The Erection Club

The Erection Club liput


Eternal Erection brings its funky groovy club to On the Rocks!

'Fun for Finns', was the founding principle of Eternal Erection. Now Rick Lover and his cohorts have decided to share their liberating grooves with the rest of the world. Frontman Lover has charisma to go with his funkadelic figure, and his strong voice lives up to the requirements of the band's funky blend of soul, groove and pop-funk.
"We've always made people dance, even induced trance, we've cured depression and inspired people's sex life. We want to bring joy to everyone," says Rick Lover, the alter ego of actor Sam Huber.
Eternal Erection has made six globally released albums. They have already played in many countries, from Cuba to Russia, from Brighton to Berlin. Among the highlights of their career were the warm up gigs for the famous George Clinton P-Funk Allstars, and sharing the stage with famous names including Lauri from The Rasmus and Mike Monroe of Hanoi Rocks. They have, with their wild club performances, impressed not only many festivals but also media people such as Conan O'Brien.
"I think Eternal Erection are a great funk band. Their live shows are more like an event as opposed to just a gig and thats what the show business is really all about.Not only are they excellent entertainment but they also play some serious Funk with good taste and do possess a wicked groove. It's an area which I visist now and then for refreshment outside of my usual Rock'n Roll surroundings and I have had the pleasure of guesting on several Eternal E shows, jamming on a few of our all time favorite songs. They've been great shows and I've always had a great time".
-Michael Monroe-


Vocals & keyboard: RICK LOVER
Percussions: THE HOOK
Trumpet: T-ROY
Saxophone: FURILLO

21:00 doors
22:00 showtime

enn. alk. 9,50€, ovelta 10€
OTR-kantiskortilla enn. alk. 7,50€, ovelta 8€

Ikäraja: K-18
Aika: klo 21:00-04:00

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