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La 5. - Su 6.5.2018  /  Universum  /  Helsinki

Andriana Seecker & Andreas Catjar: It's Never Too Late

Andriana Seecker & Andreas Catjar: It's Never Too Late Liput


Dancing with no shame in a haunted disco.

Thirteen disco balls, a ghost swing and shoes that walk on their own on an abandoned dancefloor when a musician and a dancer switch jobs to figure out how to move on after a trauma.

In an abandoned disco, a place that is dusty and dark, there is a blink from a flashlight. There is music, sweat and mourning. Two characters who dance solo and together, sing, improvise live music and tell stories about wanting but not being able to. What happens when you don't fit into any of the categories? When you stress and push yourself to reach perfection and live up to expectations, but fall flat?

On the stage a space is carved out where the answer to those questions can be "Just dream, as if it were possible: dance without shame". It's never too late is a performance where musician Andreas Catjar and dancer Andriana Seecker switch and share roles with each other on stage. Live music, dance and magical set designs are mixed together in a story about the ghosts of childhood alive in us, bodily trauma and how to move on even though you don't fit in.

Andriana Seecker (dancer and choreographer) and Andreas Catjar (musician and composer), have a long history and a background together as members of the swedish theatre group Institutet. They have created a dance-performance that deals with fear, childhood, dreams, ghosts and leaving safe territory.

Andriana Seecker and Andreas Catjar
DRAMATURGY: Jeannine Simon
ARTISTIC CONSULTANT: Anders Carlsson, Jeannine Simon
PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Annamia Brolund, Anders Carlsson
PHOTO: Karoliina Pasoonen

An Institutet Production in Cooperation with Ballhaus Ostfunded By The Swedish Arts Council / Kulturrådet. With the Friendly Support of Teak - Theatre Academy Helsinki and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. Thanks to Johanna Kluhs, Erica Li Lundquist and Rasmus Slätis and Anders Carlsson.

Andriana Seecker (DE) is a Berlin based choreographer and dancer who started a series in 2015 where she collaborates with other artists. MEET ME AS STRANGER with Breakdancer Axel "Micky" Schiffler was the first part (Premiere Tanztage Berlin 2015). IT´S NEVER TOO LATE is the second part in that series. Andriana studied stage design at the Berlin University of the Arts and completed her dance education at the Tanzakademie Balance1 Berlin.

Andreas Catjar (SWE) is a freelancing composer, musician, sound-designer, re-mixer, producer and sound-engineer based in Berlin, Germany. He is working for the Swedish theatre-collective INSTITUTET since 2008. Since 2010 he is also collaborating with Andriana Seecker and created the music for her dance-productions LOST ANNI, MEET ME AS A STRANGER. & IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. Andreas Catjar made music since 1990 under the name The Commercial Side of Laziness and he was a member of several bands such as Souls, HAAG, Down in June, Baby Blonde and the Downs, Lovac, Brudja'vlar, The Veryones, Home Made HI-FI, and Undantaget. Today he is an active member of Lovac, Undantaget, Pass the Angel and Covenant.

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